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Jawliner India

JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum

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We present the first fitness chewing gum specially designed to workout your jaw and whole facial muscles. Developed by the founder of JAWLINER® It's the hardest and toughest chewing gum in the world - From now on you just have to chew gum to get a strong and chiseled jawline.

Fitness Chewing Gum is specially designed for facial fitness. Train over 86 muscles in your face and change your look in no time.

Our hard gum also has a weakness - a weakness for fresh mint flavor.
Enjoy fresh breath while you work out your jaw and facial muscles. From now on jawline training tastes good.

Stay Safe and Informed

Chewing gum without sugar and aspartame. With sweeteners and peppermint flavor.

Chewing Gum Ingredients:
Gum base, sweeteners: maltitol E965; flavorings, thickener: gum arabic E414; glazing agent: carnauba wax E903; anti-caking agent: talc E553b; coloring agent: titanium dioxide E171; humectant: glycerol E422. (vegan)

May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.
Safety Instructions: 
- This is a very hard/tough fitness chewing gum, where every chewing process strains the jaw and facial muscles.
- That's why we recommend chewing the gum for no longer than 10-15 minutes every other day.
- Do not use JAWLINER fitness chewing gum under the age of 14.
- Stop using JAWLINER fitness chewing gum if you feel any kind of pain during workouts. - In case of jaw problems or if you are not sure whether you should use JAWLINER fitness chewing gum, please consult your doctor or orthodontist before starting your training. You use JAWLINER fitness chewing gum at your own risk.

Care Instructions

Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it safe for chewing.


Keep away from children - improper use may result in risk of swallowing and suffocation. Do not use JAWLINER® under the age of 14. 
Be careful not to chew on the canines, otherwise, you will destroy the JAWLINER.
The recommended side to chew is the rough curved side of the JAWLINER. Make sure that the logo is visible on the sides. In that manner, you are correctly using the JAWLINER.
Train your muscles with a 5-10 minutes intensive jaw workout every other day! Be careful exceeding the time limit.
Stop using JAWLINER® if you feel any kind of pain during workouts. In case of current jaw problems or if you are not sure whether you should use JAWLINER®, please consult your doctor or orthopedic surgeon before starting your training.
Use JAWLINER® at your own risk.

Train your most attractive muscle

✔ Look your very best - by training your sexiest muscle!
✔ Strong & chiseled - change how others see you by 360°!
✔ More confidence - get the "strong" facial features you've always wanted!